Handyman Gardening

Working in the Garden

What a beautiful thing it is, to have a garden that is decorated with beautiful flowers and birds that sing. I always ensure that my clients flowers are kept and the lawns are mowed. It brings about a feeling that I find hard to explain, a feeling of peace, a feeling of happiness or maybe both. About four years ago when I started to do gardening I was clueless to all the different techniques that were involved. But, with experience it got easier to me and I found that it was something that I really loved. Now when I look outside I see a healthy garden that is well coordinated and attracts birds, bees and other creation of nature from all around. It didn’t happen overnight, there were many things that I had to do in order to see this kind of growth. I had to ensure that I cared for all these plants; from watering them, to fighting weeds for them. Today I am happy to share some of my gardening tips with you.

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