suit-and-tieHey everyone, thanks for visiting the site.  I hope that you find a lot of good information that will help you with many “handyman” type of activities that you may be doing in and around your own home.  I plan on hitting some really good topics on the site, and I ask that if you have any good ideas to please share them with me too.   I will be glad to write about specific topics if you ask.

I use to work out in the corporate world, and one day decided that working for the man was not for me.  I packed up my office, and high tailed it out of there as fast as I could.   Being bound by four walls and some cubicles was not the gig for me.   Sure in the beginning being a handyman was tough and took some time to build up the client base in order to pay the bills, but I tell you with doing quality work, and being somewhat friendly the clients eventually catch wind and start coming to you.   That is when you know things are going to be fine and working for yourself becomes so much worth the sacrifice.

Dont get me wrong, I am not knocking if you are working for the man.  Some people like that, and some do not, I am simply giving you an idea of where I am coming from in my past life.

So with that said, I am a local handyman, I love what I do, and I love how my future is looking so far.  If you are interested in more things handyman please contact me.