How to Stain a Fence

Update Your Fence

Let’s say you buy a new house or in the current one you have a beautiful garden that is a joy to watch but somehow you see that something is missing and that your house can look even better, I’m talking about the fence that is not stained yet and it looks grotesque. Today we’re going to show you how you can stain a fence in just a few short steps that are very easily to do.

But first, there are a few things that you need to do before starting with the actual staining process:

  1. You must always plan ahead and check the weather forecast if the weather is clear and there is no precipitation in the immediate forecast you can start, but you must also take into account the time necessary for drying. You also have to avoid staining at any cost when it is windy outside because the stain will drift all over the wood.
  2. When buying the stain always check for the quality and take into consideration how the stain will look as the stain starts to weather.
  3. The most important part is to always put a face mask on and wear gloves when you work with toxic chemicals.
  4. Buy a quality roller, brush or sprayer if you don’t already own one.
  5. You also need Wood sealer.
  6. Mineral spirits (you’re going to need that for the cleaning up)

Get Started

pump-sprayer2Now for the staining part, we’re going to show you how to do it with a paint sprayer. After you’ve picked up the stain of your choice, you will have to put the stain inside the paint container and after that, you want to attach it to the spray gun. Choose the pattern of your liking when it comes to spraying. The next step is spraying it, so what you need to do is to continue staining it in the same direction as the grain, if you’re using a roller do the same thing. Depending on the color that you want, if you want it to be lighter just apply one coat if you want it to be a darker color apply many coats until you get the color of your liking.
The next step may be up to you but it is highly recommended, I’m talking about applying the wood sealer to make sure that the fence keeps that good look for a much longer time than if you were to apply only the stain.
Now what you would want to do is take the stain that remained and pour it back into the container. After you manage to remove most of the stain add the sealer, it doesn’t matter if there’s still some stain left on the paint container since a little stain will not be bad.
Again repeat the process just like you did when you were staining the fence.
The last step of the process will be the cleaning up. You need to start by rinsing the entire paint container out with in order to get rid of the stain and the sealer. Then continue by pouring the Mineral spirits into it and make sure that you cover the top of it with your hand and shake it well and after that empty it, start rinsing it with warm water. While you’re cleaning the container with Mineral spirits you can put inside other parts as well, like the pickup tube and also the spray nozzle, after they soak inside, very easily with an old toothbrush you can get rid of the stains.


Here is a video with some tips showing how to stain your fence.

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