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How To Properly Hang A Picture On The Wall

Easily Hang A Picture

Hanging a picture on the wall is one of the easier do-it-yourself projects. However, there is a wrong way which can cost you money. If you have tried to do this project before and found out that you need a little guidance in order to do it correctly. You have come to the right place.

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Tools Needed For The Job
Like most do-it-yourself jobs, you will have to determine what is needed and gather those materials before starting. This can include nails, stud finder, hammer or the new item on the market is prefabricated hangers you can stick on the wall for damage control. Using a nail to hang a picture will create a tiny hole in the wall.
After gathering the materials, figure out where you want to place the picture. Whether you want it at eye level or over the mantel of the fireplace, for example. Place the picture on the wall first without the hanger to determine what it will look like in that position. Once you have found the desired placement, mark a spot on top of the frame using an erasable marker or pencil.


Measure Properly
Next, measure the strap on the back of the picture to the top of the frame. This gives you a general idea of where you place the picture hanger. Make sure you pull the strap tight, as if the picture is pulling down on the strap like it would once it is hung.
The best way to hang a picture securely is by driving a nail into a wall stud. Wall studs hold more weight and prevents pictures from falling off the wall. However, wall studs are placed 12 to 16 inches apart, generally the latter, and are only and inch and a half wide. The possibility of a wall stud being where you want to hang a picture is unlikely.
If there is not a wall stud, which can be determined by using a stud finder, you can hang a picture by just driving it into the drywall, but drive the nail at a 45-degree angle or step incline. This will hold the weight of most pictures but will allow heavier pictures to fall off the wall. Using prefabricated picture hangers may be your best bet because they can be removed from the wall easily and used again.


Make Sure You Get It Straight (or not)
picture framesThe last stage of hanging a picture is ensuring the picture is straight. Most people know how to use a level by placing it on top of the picture frame and making sure the bubble is within the two lines. But, some pictures do not always stay level. An easy trick to fix this problem is by purchasing bumpers. Those little rubber circles that have one adhesive side. Use these on the bottom corners of the picture to prevent it from slipping from one side to the other.
There is no exact way to hang a picture, but planning where you want it and what materials you want to use to hang the picture is imperative before even starting this do-it-yourself task.

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