How the Technology Has Evolved

How Smart Garage Openers can simplify your Life

Smart Phone AppDo you know that you could save both time and effort with a smart garage opener? Well, the home automation market is full of surprises nowadays, advanced garage door controllers make it possible for you to:

  • Secure your garage and home
  • Automatically open and close your garage door
  • Have a schedule of when to open and lock the garage door
  • Lock and unlock garage door from anywhere


Instead of having to wrestle with your manual garage door openers you could change to the new, tried and tested SMART way of automatically opening and closing of your garage door.


How does the smart garage opener secure your home?

To open the garage door, you require having a smartphone app. The app requires you the user to enter your personal details to use it. Only the authorized persons are given access to use the app to open the garage door. So it would be very hard for a thief to break into the garage without your credentials.

The app also alerts you every time the garage door is opened. Even when the garage door is manually opened, you would know.

Automatically open and close your garage door

You could set up your smart garage opener to work automatically.  When you depart from your home in a car, the garage door opener will close, and when you arrive at your home, the smart garage door opener will open.  Automatic opening and closing of your garage door are only possible when you install a sensor in your car.


Set up your garage door opener to close and open at a particular time

Some of the latest smart garage door openers allow the opening and closing of the garage door at certain time. If you happen to use the entry to the garage as the gateway to your home it would be hard to open and close all the time so you could invest in the invaluable garage door controller that allows you to schedule when to open and close the garage door.

Depending on your neighborhood some people do actually leave their garage door open all day long.  If you happen to fit in this category this is a great option for you.  Schedule the door to open in the morning, and schedule it to close in the evening.  Of course you can always override this option if you need to come and go at other times.  It is a great way to make sure you do not forget to close the garage at night time.


Lock and unlock garage door from anywhere

It is also possible to use your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop to control the opening and closing of your garage door. With a smart door opener app you could open and close your garage door from any remote place in the world.  This is a great option for those of us (yes me included) that often cant remember if you shut the garage door or not when you left the house.   Simply check the garage door from your smart phone and if in fact you left the garage up, you can close it via the app.

The homeowner automation market has the most dynamic solutions to your garage door opening and closing. Just from anywhere in the world you could open and close your garage door to allow in your partner, family or even friends or even delivery of inventories.

New technologies are coming up at a very high speed. So you should keep yourself in the loop to enjoy the benefits of the latest smart garage door openers.  There are so many great smart garage openers in the market, you need to define your needs and go for what will simplify your life.

If you know of other great smart technologies to use in your home, please contact and let us know.  We love featuring items that will benefit you and your family and would love to showcase them here on our site.   We know that having our readers participate and share in things that make their lives easier is a great way to keep our blog up-to-date and relevant.   We look forward to hearing from you.