Handyman Gardening

Working in the Garden

What a beautiful thing it is, to have a garden that is decorated with beautiful flowers and birds that sing. I always ensure that my clients flowers are kept and the lawns are mowed. It brings about a feeling that I find hard to explain, a feeling of peace, a feeling of happiness or maybe both. About four years ago when I started to do gardening I was clueless to all the different techniques that were involved. But, with experience it got easier to me and I found that it was something that I really loved. Now when I look outside I see a healthy garden that is well coordinated and attracts birds, bees and other creation of nature from all around. It didn’t happen overnight, there were many things that I had to do in order to see this kind of growth. I had to ensure that I cared for all these plants; from watering them, to fighting weeds for them. Today I am happy to share some of my gardening tips with you.

Before I started gardening I did a lot of research and I learnt about all the different tools and materials that I needed to do the necessary work. These are tools and materials that you will use every day and will help you with maintaining flower beds. So, make certain that you have these tools. Here is a list of them.

  • Scissors or clippers
  • Steel rake
  • Lawn rake
  • Lawnmower
  • Water source (soaker hose or sprinkler)
  • Hoe with blade
  • A garden spade
  • Plant fertilizer

So how can you maintain your flower beds? Let’s get right to that!

Tip # 1  Give your plants water.

watering-gardeningFlowers need water, this will help them to look beautiful and grow into healthy plants. I know when my flowers need water because they bend their heads. I think it is their way of saying that they need water. Please note that you should never give your plants too much water. This can cause their roots to get water logged and we don’t want that to happen.

Tip # 2  Fertilize your plants. 

Many of us as humans take vitamins or other minerals to sustain our body. Flowers need that too. Please give your plants fertilizer because it is very vital to their growth. I have a chicken farm so I get fertilizers from them. But, you can try organic fertilizers that will give you the same results.

Tip # 3  Remove weeds from you flower bed.

I usually remove weeds once I see them in my flower bed. I do not wait until I see a lot of them before I get rid of them. You can use your hoe to cut them out of your garden. Most of the time I use my hands to pull them out.

Tip # 4  Inspect your garden for pests.

I always inspect the leaves to see if they have holes and spots. If I discover that pests are eating my plants then I use a pesticide to get rid of them.

Tip # 5  Clean up your garden seasonally.

In the spring or summer, I usually get rid of dead stems that are on my plants, If I see that they are growing out of shape I trim them with clippers. I also rake out all the dried leaves and debris. This makes my garden looks more attractive, it also give the plants more room to grow.

Tip # 6  Mow and water your lawn.

mow-lawnI use a lawn mower to mow my lawn after which, I use my rake to clean up all the mowed grasses. In order to make sure that your lawn looks green and healthy you need to make sure that you water it at least two to three time per week.


So, there you have it! These are some of the things that I do in order to make sure that my garden stays beautiful. Try them and you will definitely see good results for your garden.

I hope you enjoy this blog post.  If you would like to get more information please contact us.  Also if you have some great tips to share, I would to hear from you as well.